Moto Medusa 2011
Moto Medusa

New 2012: Velo Medusa and Mini Medusa

          Moto Medusa was created in 2010 and is an all women race team. Our goal in 2011 is to become one of the best women's race teams, competing in CCS endurance races. We have selected some of the fastest women in the Northeast to be on the team. This year we are scheduling four races to attend and it is our hope to build our schedule as we go. The first race will take place in New Jersey Motor Sports Park and will be followed by our participation in the West Virginia Summit Point Main, Virginia International Raceway, and Daytona races. These tracks are some of the best tracks on the east coast. Our Motorcycle is a 2006 CBR 600 RR and is named "Moto Medusa." Moto Medusa is symbolic from the greek myth of Medusa. Medusa turned men into stone, she was fierce. Moto Medusa is set up with race parts donated by Steve Weckesser as the bike also belongs to him. Our parts come sponsored by Vortex, Motion Pro, PSR, BMC, EBC, Galfer, Race Tech and Repsol oil. The women on our team also race solo in various sprint races during each season. See their Bio’s for more info and thanks for checking out our site. Check back often for updates.

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